What does it cost?

The Cost of Reflexology – (depends on reason for treatment)

(Based in Kendal)

Reflexology with Hypnosis for Fertility Support /Preparing to Conceive: with Fertile Body Method (FBM) Approach and Full toesReflexology Treatment. ( see “Reflexology/Hypnosis” on menu bar)

 £75 This includes consultation.

Allow approximately 2 hours for the first session.

Subsequent treatments:£50. This includes review of previous treatment and FBM hypnosis approach with full reflexology treatment.

Reflexology in pregnancy and for all women’s health and general relaxation:

£40 for initial treatment, £35 thereafter

In pregnancy: Treatments are often booked for aches and pains, insomnia, stress and tension, digestive disorders including constipation and more…Many women enjoy reflexology in pregnancy for general relaxation and especially towards the end when they may want to relax more…with outside pressures to “induce” into labour.

Reflexology in the Post Natal Period: After the birth of your baby it may help to restore hormonal balance, aid relaxation and ease certain conditions and ailments…and/or a pampering session to relax and celebrate being a new mother, or mother again!

Reflexology  for all/General Reflexology for all Women’s Health: :

As a general pampering or for specific ailments.


Always check with your G.P or Consultant if you have a medical condition or taking medication before having reflexology. If unsure please ask me.

Private One to One Antenatal Session approximately 3 hours – £100.00 (at my base in Kendal)

Includes: signs of labour, when to call the midwife, anatomy & physiology of labour and birth, comfort measures, water birth information, role of the birth partner…(This session does not include hypnobirthing)

Hypnobirthing Costs: please see my other website here :www.hypnobirthingcumbria.co.uk

Hypnobirthing Group
The Cost of a Postnatal Doula (not in a midwife role) £25 per hour, (where I have availability) minimum 2 hours. In this role I will help to mother the mother in her new role, I will provide emotional and  practical support, for example, with infant feeding, do light household chores, prepare a light meal or snack. I can cuddle/rock your baby whilst you have a well earned bath or shower….basically anything that will help you to enjoy your newborn, which can be discussed. Often a useful service when partners have returned to work and mother feels the need for extra support when on her own with a new baby. I can offer you a relaxing foot massage or mini reflexology treatment (assuming no contraindications). Depending on distance there may be a small extra mileage charge.

Mother and neborn baby snuggleThe Cost of Breastfeeding Support Visits

£42 per session, approximately 2 hours. If I come to your home I may need to add a mileage and travel charge, depending on distance from my base in Kendal. To empower you in your ability to breastfeed, give you confidence, give information, encouragement and support. I have over 30 years experience in this area.

Workshops -throughout the NorthWest

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