isla1What some people are saying about Hypnobirthing…here are some testimonies and positive birth stories…for more current testimonies, see “Hypnobirthing” on the menu bar… but here a few below…

Sally and Pete – first baby born at home in the birthing pool.

A very personal account:

My husband and I have always talked about wanting a family but I had given it very little thought beyond the fact that I wanted children. Indeed, the idea that I would actually have to give birth was not something that had ever really entered my consciousness. It was not until I became pregnant therefore, that I realised just how terrified I was about birth and, more specifically, a birth in a hospital setting. Week upon week this fear, fuelled by endless scare stories from friends, colleagues and the internet, became so intense that I became very ill and genuinely considered taking steps to end my pregnancy.

The care and support offered to me by the hospital was excellent but nothing felt ‘right’ and in desperation I began to look at alternatives ways to reduce my terror of birth. I had read somewhere that women who used hypnobirthing techniques were calmer and more confident, more likely to have an uncomplicated birth and less likely to need pain relief but frankly I was sceptical. Nevertheless I was willing to give anything a go so called Janet. She explained to me what hypnobirthing involved and was obviously very passionate about its benefits so I decided to book on a private course of four sessions.

I really enjoyed the hypnobirthing sessions. Janet is an excellent teacher and her personal warmth and passion for hypnobirthing made our meetings something I really looked forward to each time. As I was doing a private, rather than a group course, Janet was able to skilfully tailor our meetings to meet my specific needs. In addition, she offered continual support by telephone, text and email and was always there to answer questions or give reassurance which I found invaluable. With each meeting my confidence in my body’s abilities to give birth gently and naturally grew and I decided that I wanted to have a water birth at home. With Janet’s support I was able to write a birth plan that was perfect for me.

Janet happend to be “on call” when I went into labour. Despite all the fears that I had felt, my baby’s birth was a calm and truly wonderful experience. He was born at home in a birthing pool by the light of the Christmas tree without any complications and with no damage to me. Hypnobirthing had equipped me with all the tools I needed to remain relaxed throughout my labour and birth (even when the gas and air ran out and my poor husband had to make a dash to the hospital to pick up a second canister!), to follow my natural instincts and to trust my body to do what it is designed for. My baby is the calmest and most peaceful baby I (or indeed anyone who has met him) have ever known and I am sure that his calm, relaxed and gentle entry into this world had a part to play in this.

I would recommend Janet’s hypnobirthing course to any expectant mother. The sessions and the continued care and support she offers to her clients are exceptional value for money and I can never thank her enough for the wonderful support she gave me during my pregnancy. Because of her, the birth of my baby was the most magical and empowering moment of my life and something I look back on with happiness and pride.

Lizzie and Liam – first baby born in hospital

My Hypno Birth story;

Our beautiful and very peaceful baby of 7.5lb arrived on Sunday!
He remained calm through out my labour of 38hrs. My waters broke early sat am. Then after 32 hours my surges were still irregular. The breathing and guided relaxation helped me hugely through this. As I began to worry as the time went on. Liam was also hugely supportive and used all the skills learned in class to help me through. So I remained calm.

We went through to barrow as they became more frequent, but then they kept going off and on again. Even once settled in the amazing new active birth room. With birth ball, mood lights, candies, toilet, adjustable bed and birth pool. The midwifes were wonderful and supportive of my birth preference sheet. They really went above and beyond all my expectations on every level, to support us both. I thought they did an amazing job!

Due to the length of time from my waters breaking, due to risk of infection, the consultant and I decided to go on to the oxytocin drip. This would increase my surge strength and length. This happened quickly. The breathing techniques helped through this. With strong surges in my back I went on to gas and air. It all went very fast from then.

The baby’s head was in an unusual position, which had caused the irregular contractions. Which they found out when I was fully dilated.

I had very strong labour for two hours which moved the baby into position and I dilated the last 4cm in an hour…. They said they would of been happy with 0.5cm an hour on the drip. So this was quite an achievement. I started pushing early on to the mid wife and Dr ‘s surprise. Then they checked and I was fully dilated.

I didn’t use pain relief or g&a for the actual birth from crowning – just breathing. As it came on too quick and they wanted me to focus on carefully birthing the baby. So you can focus on the feeling of it coming out.

The baby arrived and was placed straight in my arms and we had skin to skin for at least an hour. With him latching on to feed. We did optimal cord clamping too.

I tried to deliver the placenta naturally, but found it too much with the surges, as I was tired from birth. So I had the oxytocin injection to speed it up. This worked wonders and it came straight out.

I felt that my birth experience was hugely empowering. Although I needed intervention with the oxytocin, I felt this was the right thing to do. As this caused baby to be delivered safely and swiftly. And I was given lots of support and information about making the decision. Hypnobirthing really helped me to cope and enjoy the birth of my baby. So I felt happy and empowered through out and into recovery.

I also was amazed at the level of care I received through my stay in barrow from all the midwives. I stayed in for three days and was shown and supported on how to breastfeed. Getting the rest I needed from the birth.

We are both now huge fans of Hypnobirth and would like to thank Janet for her wonderful teaching and support! 💞💐X

Rachel and Thomas, first baby born in hospital

Dear Janet, Just a note to say thank you for all your advice, guidance and coaching during and after our hypnobirthing course with you. We both found it beneficial and useful beyond pregnancy and birth.

Thomas was a brilliant birth partner and we both felt well equipped to challenge the medical interventions that were thrust upon us.We managed to get a birth that was as close to the ideal scenario that we had hoped for, despite the unexpected situations arising at the various stages.

I used hypnobirthing exclusively for the first 24 hours of slow labour and some of the midwives even said they learned a few things from us! I had some analgesia, gas and air for the “augmented” synthetic contractions, but then for the final pushing stage I was able to go “into the zone” and deliver her calmly and quickly (34 mins). I actually feel proud and pleased with what we achieved, and you gave us the knowledge and confidence to do that.

Lauren and Steven, 2nd baby, home birth – born in water

I saw Janet before the birth of my 2nd baby. Before my first I had used hypnobirthing in a self taught way but this time wanted a refresher and to know I was using the techniques correctly. Janet is down to earth, easy to get on with and was fabulous. She reinforced the science and sense behind the techniques, which have me the confidence to delay induction (again) and have a home water birth, which was perfect. Couldn’t recommended her highly enough, don’t be put off by any earth mothery misconceptions you may have about hypnobirthing, Janet makes it just seem like common sense! The midwives were fantastic and said they it was one of the most calm births they had attended. X

Hanna and Stephen, 2nd baby born in water at a birth centre

Our baby girl was born on Saturday. She was born in Kendal at 6.30 with no pain killers, 4.5 hours. I had a perfect calm water birth with dimmed lights and music playing. Couldn’t ask for more! I used all the techniques, visualisations and breathing and didn’t need any pain relief (didn’t feel like I needed one throughout delivery) I felt completely in control and CALM! Such a good experience after really traumatic first birth.

I was focused and did my breathing like a champ! The birth was perfect! She is 9.4!!!! All techniques worked! Visualisation, breathing, I was calm all the time even when she started crowning! We listened to “River Dawn” all the time aha and she is first helm chase baby in 2016!!!! So thank you again Xxx 😍😍😍

Catherine and Paul, 2nd baby in hospital

It was looking like a possible caesarean section but our baby boy was “turned” from breech to head down and born naturally. No doubt in my mind that Hypnobirthing enabled me to deliver him safely. I managed it all on just some gas and air at the very end. We’ve got a very relaxed little boy who feeds amazingly. Thank you so much for all ur help. Although Paul was worried during the “turning”, he could see how it was helping me and it definitely helped him to feel more comfortable to ask questions. We’re amazed how calm we both were. So so glad I managed it naturally!

Lou and Rob’s first baby in hospital – Family Friendly Hypno Caesarean Section

Due to genuine special circumstances, our birth preference changed, which meant that we consented to a planned family friendly caesarean section. Our baby boy was born arriving into the world to calm classical piano music. The op went really well and we felt calm and relaxed throughout. The team were wonderful and were able to accomodate all of our wishes in theatre. We even got to watch him being born – amazing! The staff say he looks calm, content and peaceful; more than most newborns they see. Looking forward to showing him off. Regarding hypnobirthing, it all helped and was a wonderful experience – cool and calm with some laughter thrown in!

Abi and Tom – One to One Hypnobirthing Course

Thankyou so much for an inspiring and life changing course, we’ve both had a great time. We will keep in touch and keep practising!

Rebecca and Ian – first baby, water birth, born in hospital

Before we tried for a baby someone mentioned Hypnobirthing to us and we thought it sounded amazing, so when we found out we were pregnant we started looking for a class in the Lake District…..and we found Janet!

We’re so pleased that we took the class. Janet’s knowledge and support has been invaluable to us throughout our pregnancy and as new parents. The skills we learnt not only enabled us to have an amazingly calm birthing experience but also brought us closer together as a couple. Practicing the relaxation techniques every day gave us time together to focus on our unborn baby and really look forward to the birth.
We had originally planned a home birth but due to unforeseen circumstances had to go to Barrow hospital. The techniques we had learnt meant we were able to calmly deal with the changes and we still had a beautiful water birth. Our little boy is so calm and serene and we’re sure it’s partly down to his relaxed journey in to the world!

Lucy and Ian, first baby in hospital

I was introduced to Janet by a mutual friend and after having a good chinwag, decided that a One to One course would be helpful for me and my husband. We attended 4 private sessions in her delightful “hypno pod” and cannot recommend her services highly enough. She helped me work through my fears and enabled me to make informed decisions. I felt relaxed enough to change from a hospital birth to a midwife led centre and even though, we ended up giving birth in hospital, we still had a great experience. I can’t thank her enough. (She also had cake in the pod, which is always a bonus!)

Sarah and James – A Testimony to Hypnobirthing Course

“James and I decided to do one to one hypnobirthing sessions with Janet Naylor to provide us with the education and tools we needed to help us have the most relaxing and gentle pregnancy and birth. The birth of our first child was not traumatic however the course made us feel we would like things to be different this time round. We can honestly say it changed our whole approach to our pregnancy and birth. We feel empowered, positive, relaxed and fully prepared for the birth of our precious baby!

The relaxations and tool kit we have built with Janet has been such a valuable and enjoyable experience but it has also provided us with the confidence to consider aspects of our pregnancy and birth that we may not have questioned or thought about prior to hypnobirthing. This is hugely empowering and made us challenge any negative thoughts. I would highly recommend hypnobirthing with Janet Naylor to any expectant parents whatever ur experiences……”

Jude – second baby, used reflexology in pregnancy

I can thoroughly recommend Janet and reflexology during pregnancy. Just wish I had discovered its benefits in my first pregnancy as well as my 2nd . I’m sure the reflexology really contributed to my relaxation, quicker labour and much easier birth than last time.

Emily and Allan – first baby born at home in water

Hypnobirthing enabled me to focus on the birth that I wanted and provided me with the tools and information to achieve this. I always wanted a water birth at home and that is exactly what happened. It was calm and relaxed and I was able to breath my baby down gently, effectively and without any “pain relief”.

Rebecca and Jack – first baby in Consultant Led Unit

I initially went to hypnobirthing classes with the aim of having as calm and involved birth as possible for myself and my husband. Janet immediately put us at ease and the tools that we learnt and relaxations practiced really helped with my labour and birth. Due to genuine special circumstances I ended being offered induction, (well one “attempt” at a pessary only!) and was told by the midwives to expect a long process.

The midwife said to go and relax and walk around to get things moving. Walked to canteen, ate, walked to shop to buy magazine and felt period type pains. Arrived back in room and had a small trickle of water, followed by waters going totally. Started contracting every two minutes within about half an hour, agreed to be examined and was a 7-8 cm! and our baby arrived less than 3 hours later! So we ended up welcoming our beautiful baby after only 6.5hours, as our baby emerged drug free. I didn’t need any stitches and I do believe that hypnobirthing really helped with this as I listened to my body and let it ‘take over’. Our baby was so alert, midwives commented on it and fed almost immediately.

Janet was also really supportive after our baby was born, answering all of my first time mum questions and helping to calm my worries. Very calm and beautiful boy and feeding well. Thank you for all of your help and support! Xxx

Carrie and Peter – first baby in hospital

I started my journey like a lot of us do, excitement, nerves, happiness, anxiety; every emotion comes at you in waves as soon as you see those positive results on that stick. I was absolutely amazed that my body had worked, I had no reason to doubt it but that’s what we do, we doubt our ability because we’ve never used that facility, ‘guilty until proven innocent’ …we should have more faith.

I enjoyed being pregnant and ‘looking forward’ to the birth..? I don’t think I did. I think I knew it’d all be ok somehow, didn’t know how, all a bit out of my hands and my control, this baby had to be born and I experienced incredible waves of sheer panic as to how the hell I was going to do this…again doubting myself and my body before I’d even tried! People love to tell you their horror stories too and offer advice, which only adds to the noise in your head about this epic and impending event that’s fast approaching day by day. I did hear a few people within this noise mention ‘hypnobirthing….’ ‘Oh it was great’ ‘really calm’ ‘really enjoyed it’…I thought now that’s something I need to find out about. So I found Janet online and through a brochure at the hospital, they didn’t really run their own in depth classes just a few short sessions which were big groups and quite brief. Janet rang me in reply to my email and we chatted about the pregnancy and birth and how it could be with the help of this ‘hypnobirthing’ and its techniques.

The sessions were very welcoming, my partner didn’t actually make it to any of the 4 sessions due to work commitments, so I had to find a way to translate the most crucial information to my partner and focus myself on achieving the results I wanted, Janet was more than happy to help after and in between the sessions with specific advice and that really helped. The theory once explained as to why and how Hypnobirthing can help in many ways made complete sense, I sat in the first session of 4 and literally thought ‘this is not what I’d expected’… To be honest I was expecting some stuff to be quite airy fairy and not up my street but it was complete logic and sense and all the fears I was having were one by one being replaced by knowledge and empowerment. I remember the way I felt leaving the first season and as I babbled to my partner later on about it all…I felt suddenly in control. Like this birth was suddenly an achievable thing and that I could do it. You might think hypnobirthing is being hypnotised to relieve your fears, you get placed under someone’s spell and with a click of his fingers you can suddenly pick up that spider, or stand on the top floor of a building. It’s not like that; it’s a journey of empowerment, of understanding how incredible your body is, of knowledge of the choices you have throughout your pregnancy and your birth. I found the breathing techniques that we learnt invaluable throughout my birth.

My baby decided to arrive ‘early’, as we learnt in our class, ‘they come when they are ready’, due dates are merely a guide not a rule. My waters broke and my contractions didn’t start immediately so I was given only 24 hours to be able to birth my baby in midwife led unit, after that I needed to be in consultant led unit. I didn’t let this worry me and went to bed and got a full night’s sleep. Contractions started in the morning slowly but surely, and throughout the day built up. I had family round for lunch and was having contractions every 5-6 minutes through the lunch for which I closed my eyes and breathed through them then carried on with lunch. We called the midwife around 6pm and she came to sit with us. Eventually she offered me an examination and I knew from my classes I didn’t have to have one but I felt I would like one to see my progress. She said ‘it’s not good news’ – my cervix was not really going anywhere at this point – the total opposite of how in Hypnobirthing we should have news presented to us!

I allowed myself to drift off, without playing the cd I played the “magic carpet” track in my head, I’d been playing it at work (I work alone!) and had pretty much memorized it, I drifted off into my own place, I focused on my breathing, counting religiously my breaths in and breaths out, ensuring the outward breath was longer. My partner occasionally rubbed my back or stroked me but I was so focused I was happy where I was on my own. I thought I was in this position for an hour but I was there for 3 or 4 hours until I suddenly said to my partner ‘ I think we need to go now’ my contractions were pretty constant and I was feeling the need to begin pushing. They examined me when I arrived at hospital and I was 9cm with only a minute area of cervix left…I felt very proud that I’d managed that all on my own at home ,no pain relief.

It spurred me on for the next stage knowing I’d got this far, my body WAS doing it, so it can do this next bit! My partner was amazing, said all the right things, gave me water, said supportive things and stroked my hair. I can’t honestly say I stuck absolutely to the rules and ‘breathed him out’ there was a fair bit of pushing but my body was doing it by itself, I just ensured I breathed as calmly and controlled as I could and my body was pushing. Because I had no pain relief at all I was able to feel everything, I could feel his head and him moving down the birth canal I could feel him when his head was born and I felt his body being born. He was placed on my chest immediately after birth and fed within the first hour

In speaking to people since the birth I cannot put into words exactly how it felt, I wouldn’t honestly describe it as painful, it wasn’t, it was powerful, all consuming, emotionally and physically, my body was doing this automatically without conscious thought interfering, it was releasing this new life the way it knew how to without fear and anxiety or doubt.

Writing this is very emotional as it was such an incredibly powerful experience and I would’ve literally done it all again the next day. I felt elated, invigorated, empowered, calm and completely in love with this amazing new life I had created and brought into the world safely. He sleeps well feeds well and we have an incredible bond. Hypnobirthing and Janet gave me a power, a control over what I wanted, I had my ideal circumstances planned but in the end they changed, but with the techniques I learnt and practiced I was able to maintain my total calm and breathing and didn’t for one second worry or panic about my circumstances. I kept focusing on meeting my beautiful baby, picturing his face, his hands and was very excited to meet him. A breathtaking incredible experience, one never forgotten and to be treasured forever.

Second baby, born at home in water- “L”
Quick text message from “L” – “Baby born this afternoon, 20 mins after Jane (midwife) got here…All fabulous…10 mins of gas and air and everything else fairly textbook. Baby very happy and fed straight away and since. THANK YOU Xx “
Charlotte and John – First baby in hospital
“Down breathing was great, thank you so much for all ur help, couldnt have done it without hypnobirthing ! ” from Charlotte.
“Baby born this morning. She is absolutely gorgeous and good as gold. No pain relief – midwife said she wasn’t in labour because of how calm she was; checked her and she was fully dilated! Then 1 and 1/2 hours later she gave birth. Absolute superstar! Both mum and baby are so calm and serene and doing well. It was an amazing experience” from John.
Heather and Chris – VBAC – 2nd baby in Consultant led unit
We heard about hypnobirthing from a friend and after a traumatic emergency c-section first time round we wanted to do everything possible to try and achieve a natural birth (VBAC) second time around.

The course really helped to empower us and gave us the confidence to make informed choices about how we wanted the birth to be.

I began to have intermittent contractions on the Thursday evening but thought nothing of it and decided to put our son to bed as usual. An hour or so later I realised that I was definitely in labour and we decided it was time to go to hospital. Our daughter was born naturally a couple of hours later and I got the all important skin to skin contact with her (which I really missed first time due to the c-section).

During labour I was able to stay relaxed and felt confident that my body knew what to do. I got the birth I wanted second time around, and a lot of this was down to Janet’s classes giving me the confidence and belief that a VBAC was possible.
Jemma and Jon – First Baby Consultant Led Unit – Caesarean Section
The hypnobirthing course gave us the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions towards the end of pregnancy, particularly in relation to declining three sweeps and impending induction. This allowed labour to commence naturally and at the right time for our baby. Due to special circumstances (undiagnosed breech) our baby was born by emergency caesarean. Even so, we both used the techniques learnt during the sessions with Janet to help us remain as calm as possible in quite traumatic circumstances. Throughout the course and afterwards Janet kept in contact and provided invaluable support and guidance. We would highly recommend her hypnobirthing course to anyone wishing to take control of their birthing experience.

Gemma, and Chris, 3rd baby in Consultant led unit

After a previous traumatic birth I was supported by Janet (via her hypnobirthing course and in a midwife role) to be able to find the confidence & courage to give birth to my third child naturally.

Her calm presence and reassurance filled me with optimism and the belief that I could do it!   Thank You

Alice and Dom, first baby, in hospital ( with special circumstances)

We wanted to let you know that (baby girl) was born at 37+4 on the 20th April at 10.17pm weighing 6lbs 11oz. Everything progressed very quickly.

I had the show at 8.45am on Monday morning followed by my waters going at 9.38am. There was someone birthing in Penrith but I went up for assessment to check my waters had gone. I was there from 10.30- 12noon I was examined before I left as I was keen to go home rather than Carlisle. I was two centimetres dilated so headed home to relax and soak in the bath, contractions were coming every minute lasting a minute. I was calm and relaxed and in the “zone”.

After about an hour of getting home I had quite a lot of pressure so we rang Penrith, the pool was still busy but as they were well staffed we were able to go there and use birthing balls etc. We arrived at Penrith at around 2.30pm I opted to wait for another examination until 5pm I managed with my breathing and river dawn until examination at 5pm when I was 8cm. At this point I opted for gas and air. The pool was also free by this point and I got in around 6pm when I got the urge to push. I was actively pushing for 1hr but the baby’s head was not coming down. It was agreed at 7pm that I would be examined again the midwife thought she could feel baby’s bum. It was agreed I would be transferred to Carlisle.  We were in Carlisle by 7.30pm and I was put on a drip to speed up the contractions, after examination by a consultant who still couldn’t work out which way baby was lying, it was agreed a more thorough in depth examination was required. It was found that baby’s head was lying transverse hence it not moving down. It was agreed that they would try to turn baby’s head and then use either forceps or vontouse with section as a last resort. Baby was turned and delivered by forceps at 10.17pm she was calm all the way through the labour her heart rate never dropped or increased.
We got home today and breast feeding is going well. We are so glad we chose to Hypnobirth and even though the last stage of labour was not too our preference we were calm and mostly in control. Dom was amazing and we were never fearful. We felt like we had the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and felt prepared for what might happen.

Thank you so much for such fantastic lessons!

Vikki and Nick, 2nd baby, born in water at Helme Chase Birth centre

As soon as I heard about hypnobirthing I wanted to do the course for my second baby. The course was fantastic, Janet is a brilliant teacher and she helped me understand why I had interventions during my first birth and how I could achieve the birth I wanted this time around.

My surges started on the Monday night but did not last very long, they started up again on Wednesday night, about 40seconds long and 20 minutes apart. As I was 41+3 and struggling with my pelvis Janet came and gave me a reflexology session to help me relax.

After this the surges got longer but when I got up Friday morning they stopped so I went for a walk and spent the afternoon in bed with my husband watching comedies and using tickling and nipple stimulation to get the oxytocin flowing! Lancaster wanted me in for monitoring as I was “over my due date” but we managed to keep putting them off as my labour had started. By 5pm Lancaster wanted me to be monitored but they were full so I went into Helme Chase at 7pm to see my midwife for monitoring. I was 4 cm so she decided to keep me in.

We turned the lights off, I put my hypnobirthing playlist on and took the clock off the wall. As the surges got more intense I decided to get in the pool, I didn’t feel like I was in there very long when I felt the baby coming. I breathed my girl out in 7 mins in the pool with gas and air, exactly how I had envisaged my labour. Our daughter is a calm hypnobaby, she latched on by herself soon after her birth and is very chilled out. I can’t recommend hypnobirthing and Janet enough, this birth was an amazing experience that every mother should have the opportunity to have.

Nick – Vikki’s husband, Hypnobirthing from his perspective

The most important thing I found with the hypnobirthing was that it helped give me a role in the birthing process, something that I never felt I had in our previous child. Rather than standing looking uncomfortable I knew what was expected and how to proceed, as empowering as the experience was for my wife it was also positive for the both of us to understand what was happening and to be prepared

It helped both me and my wife be more prepared for the process and to plan how we wanted the birth to be, which resulted in both of us being in a calmer state of mind during the whole event, from the early twinges to meeting our child for the first time. Because we knew exactly how we wanted it to be and focused on that.
This resulted in a calm atmosphere throughout from all involved, including our new-born

Abi and Paul, both twins born in water at RLI

We did a hypnobirthing course with Janet and now have a couple of hypnobabies! We hit the local newspaper headlines in March 2015, being the first couple to give birth to twins physiologically in the birthing pool at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, here is the link:


Abi added…”If my story inspired another person to have ago with Hypnobirthing to achieve a normal birth they choose I will be very happy . Janet Naylor was not mentioned in the article as our hypnobirthing tutor but she was fantastic and so supportive in helping us realise our choices for the birth we wanted”

Alice and Sam, first baby in midwifery led birth centre, born in water.

Janet’s hypnobirthing classes were invaluable in the run up to my first birth. They gave both me and my husband the techniques and tools to ensure that I was calm and confident in my body and natural ability.
My husband wasn’t convinced prior to starting the classes but attending the classes and practicing the techniques together meant that we were preparing as a team and gave us both a vital role before and during labour. After the birth of our baby boy, my husband was in absolute awe and said it was the most amazing experience he’d ever encountered.

What we found most useful was the information on pain relief, possible medical interventions and the physiology of labour – how labour progresses and how remaining calm is essential and integral to a positive and easy birth. Essentially, Janet gave us the information and confidence to make the right choices for us and our baby before and during labour.

The birth of our baby boy was perfect and something that we both look back on positively and in amazement. We were confident and calm enough not to go into hospital until I was well into labour and as a result, I gave birth to a 9lb 8oz baby with no pain relief, in the pool at Helme Chase and 7 hours after my first contraction. In fact, a few hours into my contractions, our Sainsburys delivery arrived and my husband merrily accepted it and put our shopping away! We needed food in the house for when we got home!!

Finally, a huge benefit of doing the group classes was the friends that we both made. We often socialise as couples and we meet as mummy’s and babies at least 2 or 3 times a week at various groups and lunches. I couldn’t be without them!

I would recommend Janet’s hypnobirthing classes absolutely!!

Laura and Dave, First baby in Birth Centre

I felt very anxious and worried about the labour during the beginning of my pregnancy. Janet and hypnobirthing were recommended to me at an antenatal appointment. I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done and I would not have been able to go through it without Janet and the techniques I learnt. The classes were fantastic, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Janet’s support throughout my pregnancy and at the birth has been priceless. After the classes and practising the techniques I began to look forward to the birth and felt empowered that my body can do this. I felt so positive and calm!

My waters broke at 2.50 am on the Saturday morning, I relaxed in bed with the CD on until the morning when I rang my midwife. I went in to the midwifery unit at 8 am, contractions had started and using the hypnobirthing breathing techniques I was able to remain calm and relaxed. As the contractions got stronger and closer together I found that using the visualisations we had talked about in the hypnobirthing classes really helped, I imagined a balloon inflating and then drifting off into the sky.