Reflexology – for ALL women’s health and relaxation

ReflexologyReflexology today is a precisely defined form of treatment based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on reflex zones on the feet and also on the hands (though a little less defined). It has been around for thousands of years. By using specific techniques of holds and pressures on these regions, healing is both initiated and accelerated in the corresponding area of the body. Sometimes the body is in a state of ‘imbalance’ following illness or injury, disease or stress and energy pathways are blocked preventing the body from functioning effectively. I qualified as a general reflexologist in 2000, and have been qualified in all aspects of preconception and maternity reflexology since 2001, therefore I can treat anyone!

Reflexology may be considered beneficial for:

– Pre conception – preparing to conceive, becoming healthier, healthy egg and healthy sperm

– Fertility Support – balancing hormones, polycystic ovaries, reducing stress of “trying” to conceive

– Pregnancy Labour, Birth and Beyond – all aspects of women’s health

– Acute and chronic conditions, digestive disorders, migraines, aches and pains

– Sleep disorders and general relaxation, may help stress related conditions

– To try as a more natural induction of labour

– To try to “turn” a breech baby to head down

Benefits of Reflexology:

– It can help to increase endorphins (your own body’s pain killers)

– It can help to detox and rid the body of toxins

– It can induce a deep state of relaxation and sleep.

– To relax and induce labour more naturally – if that is your choice

Reflexology aims to balance body systems and hormones… and may be beneficial to women with polycystic ovaries or hormone imbalances, irregular periods and for those hoping to conceive, it may increase fertility along with other support systems. (See Menu bar “Reflexology/Hypnosis – to enhance fertility and conception)

Reflexology may be helpful in pregnancy. In later pregnancy some women have reflexology to try to turn the baby from breech to head down…not a guarantee but may be a gentle, relaxing, non invasive therapy to try! Although most babies come when they are ready…some mothers like to try reflexology as a more natural approach to induce their labour…

Reflexology helps restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing. One of the wonders of Reflexology is that it can bring about the same sensations of relaxation and restfulness that a full body massage can produce and therefore it can be considered most useful in the treatment of stress.

At your first appointment: I will take a medical and lifestyle history, please let me know before booking if you have a medical condition or have any serious health concerns. I cannot treat you if you have any infections of the feet or have any blood clots. If in doubt please discuss when you call. The first appointment includes a Consultation. Benefits are cumulative and many have weekly sessions then less frequently depending on the reason for attending. Equally some benefit from one or two sessions or have as a “treat” or “pampering” session. My relaxing POD may be just what you need to unwind, relax, and begin your journey to a healthier life!

COST: £40 first session, £35 for subsequent treatments. For fertility support with Reflexology/Hypnosis £75 first session, £50 subsequent…. see section on menu bar for fertility.


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