About Me

JanMy name is Janet Naylor.  I have the following qualifications: Firstly I am a Mother of 3 wonderful children. I have Doula accreditation by Dr Michel Odent. Bsc (Hons) Degree in Midwifery. Reflexology M.I.F.R. I am a  FULL member of The Associations of Reflexologists (A.O.R) (M.A.R) . I am qualified in Hypnobirthing, Mongan Method (USA) and Katharine Graves KG method (UK) MHbA and Diploma in Hypnobirthing HB (KG). I am a qualified Fertile Body Method Therapist (FBM), FBM uses hypnosis and mind/body approaches with women/couples preparing for conception, whether that be natural or assisted. See here for further information http://www.thefertilebody.com/AboutFBM/How_Can_It_Help

Here is my journey…I am a mother of 3 children, (all now grown up) and have personal experience of self hypnosis during my own births (Hypnobirthing). In the early 1980’s I had never heard of Hypnobirthing  but I used self hypnosis and many of the techniques now known as “Hypnobirthing Tools”,  I followed my instincts and trusted that my body and my baby knew what to do. I researched and understood the power that the mind has over the body. I have given birth in hospital and at home.

Michel Odent 2014In the 1980’s I was truly inspired by Dr Michel Odent , who wrote “Birth Reborn” (pictured here over 30 years later, my idol and he is still as passionate as ever about mothers achieving the best birth for them !). I was also inspired by Dr Grantly Dick-Read, who wrote – “Childbirth Without Fear” and Ina May Gaskin – who wrote “Spiritual Midwifery”. These are just three of the people who I believe understood perfectly about the physiology of labour and how giving birth could be. This set me on my path to encourage and empower women and their partners to aim for the best birth possible for them, knowing their options and making informed choices all the way.

Below – An empowered mother, totally in love with her baby following a quick hypnobirth .

2FullSizeRenderI wondered why more mothers could not experience what I had experienced when giving birth – a feeling of empowerment, euphoria and satisfaction….yes that really is how I felt! Of course some mothers will need (and thank goodness for) medical intervention but sadly far too many do not get the birth that they had hoped for. Sadly many mothers suffer physically, mentally and emotionally following their birth experience for many weeks, months and even years. Some husbands and birth partners are also traumatised  by what they witness during labour and birth. My passion is in working with mothers and their birth partners to aim for a positive experience whether that be to prepare for conception, birth or beyond.

I became involved with and worked for The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and in 1989 I qualified as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, my passion for supporting women and families continued. Along with my own positive experiences this lead me to work a birth and postnatal doula, accredited by Dr Michel Odent. Michel was one of the pioneers of water birth in France in the 1970’s.

A doula is someone who supports and enables a new mother/ mother to be (and partner) to have confidence in their abilities in pregnancy, labour/birth and the postnatal period. They are not generally medically trained but offer emotional and practical assistance. They do however, have a good understanding of birth and how to create and support birth in any situation, a doula is an advocate for the family. See my doula services

ReflexologyIn 2000 I trained as a Reflexologist and then specialised in Maternity Reflexology, including Fertility Support and Preparing to Conceive. I trained with The International Federation of Reflexologists (I.F.R). I was familiar with the effect of total relaxation upon the body system (from my own births), and how that can bring about positive results, similar to self hypnosis. It is amazing what can happen when we are deeply relaxed! I can use FBM alongside Reflexology to enhance the benefits when aiming to increase fertility or prepare fro conception.

I loved my doula role and met some fantastic midwives who encouraged and inspired me to become a midwife. So I did my midwifery training! I continue to have a strong passion for enabling and supporting mothers and partners to have a positive birth experience.  I currently work part time within the NHS as a midwife in a stand alone midwifery led unit, on community in addition to my private midwifery services.

I eat, sleep, and breathe fertility, pregnancy, birth, midwifery and Hypnobirthing! I have read the book (s), got the T-shirt and the rest of the wardrobe! Favourite programme…you guessed it…

“Call the Midwife”!!